The “Discovering Drama Agency” is an optional extra within the school for students who have been attending drama with me for a year or more.  This stipulation ensures that the student has a certain level of dramatic skill and confidence before embarking on the audition process.

The Agency will entail submission of the students’ headshots (professional photo), and theatrical CV to the main Casting Directors, which would mean that they are in the running for casting for advertisements and film work.

We must emphasise that there is no guarantee of work and we only get paid if your child receives work.

Over the last year we have been involved in many auditions and the students have performed very well at the castings.  We have auditioned for a feature film “Shine of Rainbows”, several TV commercials and most recently the RTE programme “Shrinks”.

To be a member of The Agency requires a photo ( the cost of which is kept to a minimum), but to be successful requires patience and luck. Our main focus however is as ever the week to week running of our drama school and ensuring that your child learns as much about drama while having lots of fun.