Covid-19 Action Plan


Discovering Drama Mission Statement:

Our values and ethos will not change under these new structures. We will continue to nurture and support your child in their dramatic journey with us. A reminder of what we stand for ……….

The school is called “Discovering Drama” for a reason. While there is an end of year performance, it is not the main focus of the year. It’s about the process, what you learn along the way, not just the end product. Drama must be conducted in an environment where the student feels comfortable and at ease, so that their confidence and self-esteem can grow in a team orientated setting.

Aims and Objectives covered under the COVID -19 guidelines.

• To develop a business Covid19 Response plan.
• To appoint a Covid19 Compliance Manager and a Covid-19 response team.
• To nominate a lead Covid-19 staff representative.
• To update our Occupational health and safety risk assessment and safety statement.
• To implement our Covid-19 safe operating procedures and control measures as outlined in our risk assessment and check lists.
• To communicate our plan with staff, receive their Return to Work forms and provide appropriate training.
Discovering Drama Covid- 19 Response Plan
This document is based on the current advice about measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the Return to Work Protocol (Covid-19 Specific National Protocols for Employees and workers) issued by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the Department of Health. As the advice issued continues to evolve, this protocol and the measures employers and workers need to address may also change. Therefore, it should be noted that the attached details are non-exhaustive and are also subject to change. This document is not designed to prohibit the introduction of specific measures in particular sectors or workplaces, as long as they enhance the measures set out in this document. In addition, further supports for employers and workers will be developed and provided where appropriate. This is a living document.

What is Covid 19 ?
COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.
You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

Policy Statement: What we set out to do.
• Responsible Persons – Who is in charge of what?
I, Olga Conway, will be the designated Compliance Officer. However, all staff will undertake this training for when, on occasion, they may be teaching alone. All certificates will be readily available should you wish to see them.

• Planning and Preparation:
Risk Assessment:
Our risk assessment has been reviewed and there will now be weekly/daily checklists in place to ensure all elements are adhered to.

• Control Measures:
All policies on this matter will be readily available. There will be signage reminding parents and students of the following:
1. Social distancing in line with the Department of Education and the HSE.
2. Sneezing/coughing etiquette.
3. Avoiding touching faces, surfaces and each other. No sharing bottles or food.
4. Washing of hands.
5. No shaking of hands.
6. To remain at home if the student is unwell, or if anyone in their household is unwell with symptoms consistent with Covid 19.
7. All areas and surfaces that the students/teachers/parents might have had contact with will be disinfected before class and in between class, hence a reduction in class time to facilitate this new measure.

• Staff familiarisation:
All staff will be familiar with all the cleaning procedures and they will ensure that the room for class is suitable and ready for the students’ arrival. They will also monitor the students’ behaviour in class to encourage the children are following the new guidelines. They may need to communicate with parents/guardians if they feel that the guidelines are not being followed.

• Dealing with a suspected case – an area for isolation:
If a child becomes unwell in class, they will be removed from the main group to a specific isolation area. Our teacher will wear gloves, apron, mask, and face shield. The student’s temperature will be taken (laser thermometer), a parent/guardian will be contacted and the child will need to be collected immediately. They will need to report to a GP and if tested for Covid 19 must inform Discovering Drama of the result if it is positive. Students may return to class once a doctor has deemed them recovered from Covid 19.

• Cleaning and disinfecting the workplace:
Class time will now be reduced by 5 mins to allow for cleaning and disinfecting the door handles, light switches and toilets. We will be using a product called Brill Blue that will disinfect the entire room by use of a fogger. This is a very safe and child friendly solution that is being used in schools. I, Olga Conway, am certified to use this product. Details of the solution is available on our website.
This small reduction in class time will be balanced by an elocution video sent every few weeks to each email so the students can work on their speech at home.

• Workers responsibilities: Implementing the measures:
All staff will return their “Return to Work form” prior to returning to drama class and there will be a fluid and open line of communication between us to ensure the staff are secure in the new structures implemented.
Staff will complete a checklist during the day to ensure all measures are met. I will inspect these to ensure standards are met.

1. Each child will have their own designated area within the room, this will help implement social distancing. When they move around the room, they will simply go from one designated area to another.
2. Every student will be encouraged to use hand sanitiser as they enter and exit the room and after the toilet. If your child is allergic to hand sanitiser, they can use their own.
3. Students will be encouraged not to touch the markers, the surrounding areas or doors/door handles.
4. We, the teachers, will play several games to help integrate these new guidelines in a playful/imaginative way, and we hope once class begins students will feel they have resumed class as it was before.
5. If a child becomes unwell in class, they will be removed from the main group to a specific isolation area. Their temperature will be taken (laser thermometer), a parent will be contacted and the child will need to be collected immediately.
6. We would ask that students do not enter the building until the allotted class time. We would encourage our teenagers not to arrive until their class time and to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

1. Illness: If a student is showing ANY signs associated with Covid19 (or any other illness), or if anyone in the household has symptoms consistent with Covid 19, we would ask the parents to keep their child at home as we will not be in a position to accept them into the classroom.
2. ‘Drop Off’ and ‘Pick up’ area. Each drama centre will have a separate ‘Drop Off’ and ‘Pick up’ area, which will be signposted. This will be a one way system. We ask parents to adhere to social distancing when collecting as it can take a few minutes to give children back to parents. We will ask parents to remain outside of the building for drop off and pick up.
3. Class times will be reduced by 5 minutes to allow for adequate sanitising of the drama room before the next group arrives. These 5 minutes will be supported through a video which will contain vocal/elocution/poetry work and it will be emailed every few weeks. This will not affect the 45 minute classes.
4. Fees payment – Fees can be paid through bank transfer, direct debit or card payments (we will have a machine in class). We would like to reduce cash payments to ensure no contamination, but we will accept cash if necessary.

1. Teachers will have an outside track (or two intersecting lines) around/through the drama room so they can circulate while adhering to social distancing.
2. Teachers will wear face shields for pick up and drop off situations this will allow the students and parents to see their whole face and expressions. Our teacher’s number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of the student and they will tend to a child who might need emotional support.
3. Should a teacher need to attend to a child who is showing symptoms they will wear gloves, apron, mask, and face shield. They will dispose of all this after they have tended to the child.
4. Before every class, a checklist will be completed to ensure all measures are in place.
In between classes, one teacher will return the students and one teacher will clean the room.

All the students will be registered online, with payments completed online in order to reduce the contact with others. Should cash need to be paid, it must be in an envelope marked “Cash”.
Chatting to parents at the door will now need to be reduced, but I would be very happy to arrange a phone call/Zoom meeting or email chat about your concern or query. If you need to communicate something on the day of class please drop me a text and I will return a “thumbs up” so you know I have read the message.

Communication of procedures:
All procedures and policies will be made available for parents to read. We will be asking parents to confirm, during registration, that they have read and will abide by the new structures.
Parents will also have to fill out a questionnaire on the travel movements of the child and to confirm they have no symptoms.
Parents will fill out and sign a waiver at the beginning of the school year.
Video: To reassure students, we will share a video of each of the premises we rent illustrating the control measures in place.






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